Rates & Accommodations

How Much Does SchittCon Cost?

We have two packages available. One includes transportation to and from the hotel residence to all the sites. Including downtown Toronto, and Goodwood (where they filmed Schitt’s Creek).
Please scroll below for more information about the two packages available.

Where Do I Stay?

In 2019, we scored great rates from a large off-season residence. *Please note that depending upon the dates of SchittCon 2022 – The hotel location is currently marked as “pending.”

No matter where we’ll stay, we will spend our evenings with SchittCon show viewings, fun and games and all kinds of ‘Schinanigans.’

Hear From Past Attendees

I went to SchittCon 2019 solo, without knowing a single person. I walked away with so many new and dear lifelong friends. I am looking forward to the next SchittCon.

Anita headshotAnita Gopal Pharand, Brentwood, Ontario, Canada

This impressive event was organized entirely by dedicated volunteers! It was wonderful to be surrounded with others who share the love of this show ❤️

maryann brunnerMaryann Brunner, Hershey, Pennsylvania

As the oldest Schitthead at SchittCon (7O), I was gobsmacked with the event and loved that journey for all of us!

patty headshotPatty Coughlin, Ann Arbor, Michigan

When you casually say to your husband I’m going to SchittCon in Canada and he says “OK.” A month later we’re both on a plane travelling from London Heathrow to Toronto to meet friends from the internet 😂. Utterly crazy, but totally worth it.

Kathryn & Chris CarrChris & Kathryn Carr, Surrey England

A road trip with a stranger, who became an instant friend. An amazing summer weekend I wished would never end. I met fun-loving people I didn’t previously know. And we bonded together over a love of this show.

SchittCon ’19 was an absolute pleasure and created memories I’ll always treasure!


julia gavin heashotJulia Gavin, Chicago, Illinois

So much fun having the opportunity to wander around the “town” of Schitts Creek and actually see the buildings used for the show!

Maryann and Troy Brunner, Hershey, Pennsylvania


Without Bus


This package will not provide any transportation to or from any of our events. Including, downtown Toronto and Goodwood



With Bus


Our best package includes transportation to and from the hotel residence to downtown Toronto,
and Goodwood




Seneca College Residence
1760 Finch Street, Avenue E
Toronto, CA M2J5G3
Call: 416.491.8811


The Pearson Airport is a 30-minute ride from the hotel (1760 Finch Avenue East). Uber estimates 38-48 CDN (about 30-38 USD). Consider pooling with others (see below) to cut this fare in half or less.


In 2019, SchittCon had a full schedule including a group viewing party, a day trip to the area around “Schitt’s Creek”, wine tasting (where Moira shot her commercial), a farm market, and other activities in the area. Another day we’ll visit Toronto and explore the city. We have a lot of fun things planned, door prizes, a welcome bag with some nice take-home mementos and more.

Games | Parties

Costume parties, viewings, pizza parties, trivia and more.

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