SchittCon 2020


The SchittCon dates are Fri-Sun, June 26-29, 2020
Below is what we have planned so far for Schittcon 2020, but we are still dreaming up new ideas for fun and adventure. We’re looking forward to a fun event much bigger and even better than last year!


  • There are just two packages this year, with and without bussing.
  • FULL PACKAGE (includes 2 days of bussing) $260 CDN (about $200 US) – SORRY, SOLD OUT!

“NO BUS PACKAGE” (for those who prefer to take their car): $210 CDN (about $160 US) A FEW LEFT!


LOCATION: Seneca Collage, Residence and Conference Ctr. in North York (upper Toronto.)

After last year’s conference people told us they wanted more food and meals included, so we’ve included 2 full suppers, a picnic lunch, and a continental breakfast. While it raises the cost of the (very modestly priced) ticket, it will save time (and money) from going to find a restaurant.  And just as important, it will make it easier for people to stay together.

Your ticket will include:

  • 3 day admission to all SchittCon events, parties, outings
  • SchittCon 2020 t-shirt
  • SchittCon 2020 backpack or tote bag
  • Various swag (TBD)
  • SchittCon 2020 Lanyard
  • Prizes and giveaways
  • Two suppers
  • One picnic lunch
  • One continental breakfast
  • Snacks, non-alcoholic drinks each evening
  • PJ party jello shots (alcoholic)
  • “Who wants zampagne!!” (on sunday bus)
  • Water on Sunday bus

… and other things we haven’t thought of yet!

Bus packages include buses to and from Downtown Toronto Sunday and to all visiting set locations planned for Saturday.


DAY ONE (Friday, June 26)

Registration (5-10 pm), lanyards, swag, welcome party, snacks, games and getting to know each other, winding down with some of our favourite episodes. Don’t forget to wear your favourite Schitt’s Creek shirts!

To add to the fun, the gang from Up Schitt’s Creek Podcast will be hanging out with us and recording at the party. If you don’t know them… it’s time you do! Check out the Up Schitt’s Creek Podcast here or search for it where-ever you listen to podcasts.

DAY TWO (Saturday, June 27)

Day Two will start with a continental breakfast at the hotel. Then we will board the tour busses as one big Schitty group with matching SchittCon t-shirts, bags and lanyards and head to the Schitt’s Creek filming locations in Goodwood, Whitechurch Stouffville… such as the Rosebud Motel, Hockley General Store/ Bakery, Herb Ertlingers Winery, Moria Rose commercial filming contest with professional videographer, possibly more if season 6 has some new locations.

Evening: catered bbq (included), costume party, prizes, professional photography sessions, special guests, games, Schitty music, vendors, snacks and episode screening in theatre room.

DAY THREE (Sunday, June 28)

Bus to downtown Toronto: Toronto’s a beautiful city with a lot to see. We’ll have plenty of free time in the city with options such as the CN tower, boat tours, markets, shopping, great local food, and generally taking in the ambiance of Canada’s largest city. It’s also the day of the Toronto Pride Parade so and exciting day!

Day Three Evening – After returning from seeing downtown Toronto and the Pride Parade, we’ll have our closing ‘High School pajama party’, with games, jello shots, pizza and snacks, episode viewings in the theatre room… with good-byes, and no doubt a few tears.



The hotel rooms are two-bedroom suites. They are very roomy, comfortable, and for those on a budget, these rooms are incredibly reasonably priced. The per night cost is just $110 CDN (about $75-80 US) for a suite with the promo code “I discovered this thing called a promo code!”.  This means two people could split a suite at this rate (last year some people did this) and each have their own bedroom. Or, even two couples could share one suite… close quarters for 4 people, but the Roses made it work.


This is a question we get asked a lot. Like last year we can’t make any promises. Now that SchittCon is on the radar of the show, we feel very hopeful. Some of the support cast members have said they will come but we don’t want to say who yet as it’s very far away and their schedule could change. We will do our best.


This is important. Your ticket cannot be re-sold or even heaven forbid, scalped if that’s possible. There are two reasons for this – the number one reason is that so many people have made the effort to add their name to our list and if they don’t get a ticket, we want them to get the first opportunity at any ticket that comes up. And second because reselling tickets at a mark-up has unfortunately become a business for some. And it’s not something we want to support.  So please don’t buy a ticket if you’re thinking it may have some value in this way.  If you do purchase a ticket and cannot come, just contact us, and if we have people on our waiting list who want it, we will offer it to them and facilitate the transfer.