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SchittCon FAQ

Questions about Schittcon Convention, packages, and other useful info.

Frequently & Less-Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does SchittCon take place?
SchittCon 2020 takes place June 26-29 (Friday-Sunday) in Toronto, Canada where the show production was based and near the town of Goodwood where the show was set.

Is this the best Schitt’s Creek Convention anywhere?
Okay, you’re obviously a plant. And yes it is!! Not only the best, but the only one. It’s that amazing! Be there!

How many people do you expect?
We’re estimating close to 200 people. It should be a nice sized group, big enough to be dynamic, small enough to be very friendly. It’s going to be an awesome time.

Will I get to meet anyone famous? Has the show taken an interest?
It’s going to be great time with other fans regardless but we’re hoping to meet a local or two. Last year at Schittcon 2019 we were very fortunate to visit the set while they were shooting and meet many cast members. Unfortunately because the show is no longer shooting we are not able to arrange that kind of (amazing and singular) event. However, we do have a few special guests coming that you will recognize if you’re a fan of the show, to share stories and just hang out for three days of awesomeness.

Why are Some Packages Limited?
We have limits on some packages because we need to book the busses well in advance and can’t book more than we’re sure we will need. Of course we will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible within our abilities, but to avoid disappointment, book as early as you can. Our facility, which is super convenient, spacious, and has inexpensive rooms — all reasons why we chose it — has a maximum of about 200 people so that’s also how many we will take. (Most of these places are sold.)

Where is the Hotel?
The hotel is in Toronto in a large, newly renovated complex that serves as apartments for university students in the school year. This gives us a great rate on large suites – each hotel “room” actually has two bedrooms and a common/kitchen area. So you could easily double up (or even put two couples in the same hotel, each with their own bedroom). At about $100/night, it’s a great deal. This allows us all to be together at a great rate, with the meeting rooms in the same building.
(Photos of one of the meeting rooms, and of the suite showing both bedroom entrances are just below.)

Will there be food?
Yes, some meals are included in your ticket (see the Schittcon 2020 page). There will also be snacks and munchies at all of the parties.

Why is everything so cheap?
This is fan organized event. We’ve kept the price low to be accessible. Like the show we want it to be inclusive. So both the event and the hotel are great deals. And if you happen to be American, the USD-CDN exchange rate is going to put a big Schitt’s Creek-loving smile on your face.

Do you still need volunteers?
Help! Help! If you want to help let us know! This is being put together entirely by volunteers and we’ve already had some great ones pick up the ball and run with it, not just the length of the field but through the end zone and into the next stadium. But we will need help with registration, organization of parties, and clean up after (we just toss and tidy, the facility does the rest). If you have a special talent (emcee? social media expert? party planner? spreadsheets? table setter?) or just want to lend an extra pair of hands, let us know! We could use more sleep.

Are there any sponsors or vendors?
As of this writing we have no sponsors. There simply wasn’t time from the date we found out this was the last year of the show production. If anyone has a sponsor idea, or wants for some crazy reason to sponsor, heck, contact us twice! As long as it doesn’t take away from a fun time, we’re open. If there are vendors who want to sell something cool that people will appreciate, contact us. A few have, but we’re open to more if your stuff is cool.

What will I do at Schittcon?
Mostly you’ll meet other great people and have fun.
Here are some happening details, pulled off our white board, ‘cause you know, some people just can’t stop reading!
• Friday night-Welcome Party
• Snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic)
• Games and prizes
• Schitt’s Creek episode viewing party
• Schitt’s Creek music
• Saturday night- Costume Party
• Snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic)
• Trip to downtown Toronto to see the sites
• Trip to Schitt’s Creek territory including wine tasting, markets, the shooting area
• Pizza party
• Vendor sales tables
• Costume judging and prizes
• Amazing Schitt’s Creek blanket raffle/charity draw
• Sunday night, episode watching and a chance to relax and chat about all the fun we had over the weekend!

Line up changes
Most of the convention is well-planned out by now. We’ve had at least a dozen calls with the facility, people have hopped in their cars and scope the area, we’ve had a hundred conversations about flow and av, and costs, and everything else under the sun. That said, ‘schitt’ happens. Please help us roll with changes. (In fact, one big change we’re hoping for is a visit of some kind from SC, based on their availability. We figure people will be okay with that.)

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