What Will I Do At SchittCon?


Mostly you’ll meet other great people and have fun. Here are some happening details, pulled off our white board, ‘cause you know, some people just can’t stop reading! • Friday

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Are There Any Sponsors Or Vendors?


If anyone has a sponsor idea, or wants for some crazy reason to sponsor, heck, contact us twice! As long as it doesn’t take away from a fun time, we’re

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Do You Still Need Volunteers?


Help! Help! If you want to help let us know! This is being put together entirely by volunteers and we’ve already had some great ones pick up the ball and

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How Do You Price This Event?


This is fan organized event. We’ve kept the prices as low as possible to be accessible to as many people that wish to attend. Like the show, we want it

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Will There Be Food?


Yes, some meals are included in your ticket. There will also be snacks and munchies at all of the parties.

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Where Is The Hotel?


The hotel we stayed in during SchittCon 2019, is in Toronto in a large, newly renovated complex that serves as apartments for university students in the school year. This gives

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Why Are Some Packages Limited?


We have limits on some packages because we need to book the busses well in advance and can’t book more than we’re sure we will need. Of course, we will

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How Many People Do You Expect?


We’re estimating close to 200 people. It should be a nice sized group, big enough to be dynamic, small enough to be very friendly. It’s going to be an awesome

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