SchittCon 2020 - June 26 - 29

What’s SchittCon About?

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SchittCon 2020

Warmest regards Schitt’s Creek fans!
We’ve been busy working on Schittcon 2020 with lots of events and activities, a few special guests, and some fun surprises. Note that the 2020 event is almost sold out with close to our maximum of 200 delegates. See this page for more about the event and packages. Please join the Facebook group (and feel free to ask questions!) for the most current information and updates.

Location & Accommodation

Cheaper and BETTER than a hotel, we scored great rates from a large off-season residence. Just $99-$101/night for a large Suite with 2 Bedrooms and Kitchen  (two bedrooms each with a double bed). This means you could comfortably put two couples in one suite, making it cheaper than even the cheapest roadside motel. Both bedrooms are off a living area so no gets murdered first! This complex is also where we will spend our evenings with Schitton show viewings, fun and games and all kinds of ‘Schinanigans’.

Events & Activities

Yes David, get excited! SchittCon has a full schedule planned including a group viewing party, a day trip to the area around “Schitt’s Creek”, wine tasting (where Moira shot her commercial), a farm market, and other activities in the area. Another day we’ll visit Toronto and explore the city. We have a lot of fun things planned, door prizes, a welcome bag with some nice take-home mementos and more. 


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