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Dates for SchittCon 2022 are still pending. We will follow all international travel
guidelines and restrictions.

What Is SchittCon?

SchittCon© is a 100% fan-created Schitt’s Creek convention based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This convention was established and organized with love in 2019 and is adored by many. For those that follow the Emmy award winning CBC/Netflix show Schitt’s Creek, SchittCon is simply the best extension of the show.

In June of that same year, nearly 100 fans from around the globe gathered to enjoy the first, weekend-long event that was fun-filled with location touring, surprise meet-and-greet photo opportunities, costume parties, games, awesome swag and more.

Created and coordinated by Louise Downs from Halifax, Nova Scotia, she and her group of volunteers helped to create an atmosphere
where everyone fits in.


When Is SchittCon?

The dates for SchittCon 2022 are to-be-determined but we’re planning for June or July of 2022.

We’ve learned the Schitt’s Creek Farewell Tour, which was to be held at Casino Rama in Toronto has been permanently cancelled.

Check back here for more information or join our Facebook page to stay up-to-date.

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Who Should Attend SchittCon?

If you or someone you know are a Schitthead — that is a die-hard, can’t live without, have watched a billion times, Schitt’s Creek Fanatic,
SchittCon is for you!

Don’t miss out. Be sure you’re registered or on our wait-list. If you’re not sure how to get on the wait-list, click below.


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Kathryn & Chris Carr

When you casually say to your husband I’m going to SchittCon in Canada and he says “OK.”
Utterly crazy, but totally worth it.

Kathryn & Chris Carr
Surrey, England

Anita headshot

I went to SchittCon 2019 solo, without knowing a single person. I walked away with so many new and dear lifelong friends.
I am looking forward to the next SchittCon.

Anita Gopal Pharand
Brentwood, Ontario, Canada

patty headshot

As the oldest Schitthead at SchittCon (7O), I was gobsmacked with the event and loved that journey for all of us!

Patty Coughlin
Ann Arbor, Michigan